POSTER #34: Analysis of the effect of caffeine in a computational model of a dopaminergic neuron, in relation to Parkinson’s disease

Diana Milena Gaitán Vaca1, Andrés Pinzón Velasco


Agustina Fernández Casafuz, M. Cecilia De Rossi and Luciana Bruno

POSTER #49: Drug repositioning for chronic inflammatory diseases: a network medicine approach

Maiara P. G. Antonio, Thomaz Lüscher Dias, Viviane Schuch and Helder I. Nakaya

POSTER #52: The chloroplast redox responsive transcriptome of solanaceous plants reveals significant nuclear gene regulatory motifs

Rocío Cecilia Arce, Néstor Carrillo and Juan José Pierella Karlusich

POSTER #53: Dynamic modelling of the PI3K/AKT/MTOR signaling pathway perturbation by proposed drugs for breast cancer treatment

Irene Roller and Christian Solis

POSTER #73: League of Brazilian bioinformatics: challenges to promote scientific training

Sheila Nagamatsu, Elvira Horácio, Flávia Aburjaile, Lucas de Carvalho, Maira Neves, Mayla Abrahim, Neli Júnior, Nilson Coimbra, Raquel Riyuzo

POSTER #77: Prediction of activators of the protease PR1 gene involved in Beauveria bassiana biocontrol

Gustavo Bich, Maria Castrillo, Laura Villalba and Pedro Zapata

POSTER #79: Bioinformatics goes to School: From the lab to the classroom, hand in hand with the teachers.

Guillermo Benitez*, Ana Julia Velez Rueda*, Juliana Glavina, Patricio Chinestrad, Nahuel Escobedo, Felipe Tau, Martín Salas, Gustavo Parisi, Silvina Fornasari, Leandro Matías Sommese and Nicolás Palopoli

*Both authors contributed equally to the present work.

POSTER #93: Transcriptomic profile analysis of the pre-disposition to geminiviral infection in Capsicum chinense BG-3821

Mónica De Jesús Rodríguez-González, José Luis Pablo-Rodríguez, Diana L. Trejo-Saavedra, Octavio Martínez-de la Vega and Rafael F. Rivera-Bustamante

POSTER #101: Prediction of the color in firefly bioluminescent system: a mixed quantum and classical dynamic study

Isabelle Navizet, Cristina Garcia-Iriepa, Romain Berraud-Pache, Madjid Zemmouche

POSTER #105: Model of thrombogenesis dynamics in patients with atrial fibrillation

Rebeca Pacheco López, Raquel Pacheco López, Elisa Domínguez Hüttinger

POSTER #150: Dynamic modeling of the MAPK/ERK signaling pathway for assessing its disturbance by sorafenib and a pirazolylpyrrole derivative

Vanessa del Carmen Anton Muñoz, Christian Solis Calero