POSTER #10: Collection of information on migratory species in Colombia from databases

Angelica Arenas-Rodríguez, Julio Mario Hoyos Hoyos, German Leonardo Jimenez Romero and Hernán Eduardo Morales Devia

POSTER #18: A fragment library of natural products and its comparative chemoinformatic characterization

Ana L. Chávez-Hernández, Norberto Sánchez-Cruz and José L. Medina-Franco

POSTER #23: SWI/SNF target genes regulated by its promoter and enhancer activity- An integrated analysis

Suma Mohan

POSTER #24: Finding natural inhibitor against spike protein of severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronovirus (SARS-CoV-2) by Molecular Modeling

Sarra Akermi, Ritushree Biswas, Neha Lohar, Anshul Nigam, Subrata Sinha, Surabhi Johari and Sunil Jayant

POSTER #28: Development of synthetic biology tools by in silico methods applied to bacteria of biotechnological importance

Maria Juliana Rolon Rojas and Rafael Silva Rocha

POSTER #30: Affinity prediction between cosmetic ingredients and CD54/CD86 receptors by molecular docking: A novel approach to predict skin sensitization potential

Ritushree Biswas, Sarra Akermi and Sunil Jayant

POSTER #33: System proposal for the diagnosis of epilepsy with multilayer perceptron neural nets

María Camila Guerrero Giraldo and Juan Sebastian Parada Celis

POSTER #40: Developing of a database of doxorubicin differentially expressed microRNAs and its target genes, in a cardiotoxicity context

S. Susana Novoa-Herrán, Luis Alberto Gómez-Grosso

POSTER #48: Full transcriptome assembly of the tree crop yerba mate (Ilex paraguariensis a. st.-hil., aquifoliaceae) and systematic characterization of protein coding genes

Patricia Aguilera, Humberto Debat and Mauro Grabiele

POSTER #54: Open government data quality assessment for big data analysis: case study Colombia

Adriana Milena Rangel Carrillo1, Gina Paola Maestre-Góngora1, Mariutsi Alexandra Osorio Sanabria

POSTER #57: Cell death: a tool for simple detection of cell death in transmitted light microscopy images by visual deep learning analysis

Nelba Pérez, Alejandro La Greca, Paula Melania Milone, Sheila Castañeda, María Agustina Scarafia, Alan Miqueas Mobbs, Ariel Waisman, Lucía N. Moro, Gustavo E. Sevlever, Carlos Luzzani, Santiago G. Miriuka

POSTER #65: Analysis of the performance and interest of girls and women in STEM fields in Caldas region, Colombia

Claudia Marcela Perdomo, Liliana Lopez and Patricia Lopez Trujillo

POSTER #72: The skin tone problem in artificial intelligence

Karen Loaiza

POSTER #76: Web application of digital content through information extraction techniques and storage NoSQL

Jazmin Andrea Saleh Peña, Jessica Natalia Aranguren Salamanca, Mónica Katherine Duran Vaca

POSTER #84: Tesseract in text recognition in images

Laura Orozco and Natalia Raffo

POSTER #104: A scientometric study of insect and plant antimicrobial peptides

Vanessa Bernardes, Paula Eduarda Moura Xavier de Oliveira and Renata De Oliveira Dias

POSTER #109: Viral hunting: classification of viral sequences using convolutional neural networks

Valentina Cobo Paz, Clara Isabel Bermúdez Santana and Jose Aldemar Usme Ciro

POSTER #138: Women participation in herpetology: a scientometric analysis

Rosio Schneider, Jimena Grosso, Jéssica Fratani, Gabriela Fontanarrosa, Ana Sofía Duport-Bru, Daiana Ferraro, María José Salica, Mariana Chuliver Pereyra, Natalin Vicente, M. Dolores Casagranda, Miriam Vera, Romina Semhan, Regina Medina, Laura Pereyra and Carla Bessa

POSTER #157: Sheep infected with Haemonchus contortus and Trichostrongylus colubriformes and the investigation the effect of albendazole on the microbial community of rumen, abomasum and feces

Emiliana Manesco Romagnoli, Helder Louvandini, Patricia Spoto Corrêa, Tsai Siu Mui, Adibe Luiz Abdalla and Diego Mauricio Riaño-Pachon

POSTER #163:Breaking down the gender pay gap in it through a machine learning model

Sebastián Waisbrot and Valeria Edelsztein