POSTER #6: FrustratometeR: An R package to calculate energetic local frustration in proteins

Maria I Freiberger, Atilio O. Rausch, Radusky L, Diego Ferreiro and Rodrigo Gonzalo Parra

POSTER #15: Antimicrobial peptide HEV-CANN structural characterization and chitin iteraction analysis

Isabela Gomes, Elizabeth Espinoza, Rayane Bernardes-Loch, Marcelo Polêto and Maria Cristina Baracat-Pereira

POSTER #22: Exploring the quality of NMR protein structures from a Bayesian perspective

Agustina Arroyuelo, Jorge Vila and Osvaldo Martin

POSTER #47: Conformational ensembles shape evolutionary rate heterogeneity in intrinsically disordered proteins

Julia Marchetti, Nicolas Palopoli, Alexander Monzon, Diego Zea, Maria Silvina Fornasari, Silvio Tosatto and Gustavo Parisi

POSTER #51: Analysis of the structure-function relationship and the evolutionary origin of an atypical thioredoxin (EgIsTRP)

Matías Carletti, Guillermo Ignacio Benítez, Luciana Rodríguez Sawicki, Jorge Luis Pórfido, Massimo Bellanda, Gustavo Salinas, María Silvina Fornasari, Gustavo Parisi

POSTER #62: Biomolecular modeling of SARS-COV-2 reveals two potent inhibitors of replication machinery with an improved binding affinity than the current repositioned drugs

Cleidy Mirela Osorio-Mogollón, Gustavo Olivos-Ramírez, Geordano Ropón-Palacios, Gabriel Jiménez-Avalos, Kewin Otazu Mamani, Natalia Torres-Moreira, Inhosvany Camps, Manuel E. Chenet-Zuta and Eduardo Apari-Cossio

POSTER #64: Unraveling the millisecond allosteric activation of Imidazole Glycerol Phosphate Synthase (IGPS)

Carla Calvó-Tusell, Miguel A. Maria-Solano, Ferran Feixas and Sílvia Osuna

POSTER #74: Molecular identification of Misiones strain of the genus Beauveria, using its markers of ribosomal DNA

Marilyn Silva, Gustavo Bich, María Castrillo, Pedro Zapata and Laura Villalba

POSTER #80: Study of molecular mechanisms involved in neurological disorders caused by NS1 protein of Zika virus

Marcos F. Parra, Eric A. Philot, Pedro T. R. Lara, Ana L. Scott, Angelica N. Lima

POSTER #92: Biomolecular modelling of putative protein involved increase risk of severe clinic COVID-19

Maziel Pamela Cusi Casanova, Cleidy Osorio-Mogollon, Geordano Ropon-Palacios and Natalia Torres-Moreira

POSTER #106: Proteomics and computational tools emphasize plant defense volatiles in nearby plants in Solanaceae

Rayane Monique Bernardes Loch, Elizabeth Regina Alfaro Espinoza, Isabela Souza Gomes, Patrícia Dias Games and Maria Cristina Baracat Pereira

POSTER #124: CODNAS-RNA: Conformational Diversity in the Native State of RNAs database

Martín González Buitrón, Ronaldo Romario Tunque Cahui, Emilio Garcia Rios, Layla Hirsh, María Silvina Fornasari, Gustavo Parisi and Nicolas Palopoli

POSTER #133: In silico analysis of the Solanum melongena Antimicrobial peptide ICP-SMEL using molecular modeling and docking

Elizabeth Alfaro-Espinoza, Isabela Gomes, Rayane Monique Bernardes-Loch and Maria Cristina Baracat-Pereira

POSTER #140: Molecular Modelling of an Amylosucrase — Cyclodextrin Glucanotransferase Fusion to Produce Cyclodextrins in a Unique Reaction Mixture

Leidy Pico Martínez, Herminsul Cano Calle and Jorge Hernández Torres

POSTER #144: Network analysis in complex protein-inhibitor systems: a Cruzain case study

Roxana N. Villafañe1, María L. Bogado, Emilio L. Angelina, Nélida M. Peruchena

POSTER #145: Computational screening for novel inhibitors against the enzyme arylalkylamine n-acetyltransferase (aaNAT) from Aedes aegypti

Maria Angélica Bomfim Oliveira, Bruno Silva Andrade

POSTER #147: Estimation of daily COVID-19 cases in South American countries with time series analysis

Esther Gutiérrez, Rafael Puche, Fernando Hernández

POSTER #152: Structure modeling of the protein GDAP1 probably involved in the Gullain-Barré Syndrome

Anny Velasquez, Maria Lopez and Yordi Tarazona

POSTER #153: Understanding multivalent interactions in viral hijack using structure- and polymer-based methods to model linear motifs tethered by disordered linkers

Juliana Glavina, Lucía Álvarez, Nicolás Sebastián González Foutel, Gregorio Fernandez-Ballester, Michael Claron, Peter Sehr, Joe Lewis, Toby James Gibson, Ignacio Enrique Sánchez and Lucía Beatriz Chemes

POSTER #154: Taxonomic classification using active learning technique

Wellen Quézia Durães, Pâmela Rezende, Joicymara Xavier, Douglas Pires

POSTER #156: Identification of phytocompounds targeting viral and host proteins involved in DENV pathogenesis by molecular docking

Elizabeth Quintero, Daniel Osorio and Raquel Ocazionez

POSTER #164: Comparative study of the effect of residue substitutions on PrPC structural dynamics

Patricia Soto, Garrett Gloeb, Steffany Nguyen and Hannah Brockman

POSTER #165: Comparative analysis of the secY gene of Leptospira species using a bioinformatics approach

Sharmilah Kumari Kumaran and Joseph Narcissems

POSTER #166: Effect of the ceramide composition on the structure of a stratum corneum model system-A molecular dynamics study

Natalia Rivero, Markus Doerr, Martha C. Daza

POSTER #168: Sequence Analysis, 3D Structural Prediction and Epitope Mapping of LipL41: Potential Diagnostic Marker for Pathogenic Leptospira

Saudi Nur Ain Syahirah, Subbiah Suresh Kumar, Karuppiah Thilakavathy and Joseph Narcisse