POSTER #1: Warfarin dose prediction in Brazilian patients using Algorithms based on Regression and Neural Network Models

Jennifer Montoya Neyra and Júlia Pavan Soler

POSTER #8: Computational filtering of compound databases to identify potential drug candidates for the treatment of COVID-19

K. Eurídice Juárez-Mercado, Bárbara I. Díaz-Eufracio and José L. Medina-Franco

POSTER #21: Using bioinformatics tools for evaluation binding affinity of HCV NS3 protease inhibitors on Dengue virus

Anamaría Sierra Chuquín, Karla Vanesa Hernández Sánchez and Karina Alejandra Salvatierra

POSTER #29: Computational repositioning of bioactive compounds from large chemogenomic screens: identification of conserved druggable modules between yeasts and trypanosomes

Mercedes Didier Garnham, Lionel Uran Landaburu and Fernan Aguero

POSTER #32: Multi-targe docking to identificate natural inhibitors of SARS-CoV-2

Rocío Tau, Fatima Torales, Carola Ferreccio, Samuel Miño, Silvina Maidana, Alejandra Romera

POSTER #36: Estimation of the biogeographic patterns that explain the phenomenon of marine bioluminescence in Costa Rica by citizen science reports

Nerlis Pajaro Castro, Cristhian Ibañez Bersinger and Ana Castro

POSTER #41: Novel protocol for reverse docking in Neglected Tropical Diseases incorporates local frustration as a predictor of biological relevance.

Camila M. Clemente, Cesar O. Leonetti, Soledad Ravetti, R. Gonzalo Parra and María I. Freiberger

POSTER #67: Drug inhibition discovery for Ebola nucleoprotein-RNA complex

Natalia Torres, Cleidy Mirela Mogollón, Georcki Ropón, Inhosvany Camps, Kewin Otazu Mamani, Gabriel Jiménez, Eduardo Apari and Emilio Paredes Solis

POSTER #96: Semiochemicals classification of the Scarabaeidae beetle family using molecular descriptors

Laura S. Valencia and Edgar E. Daza

POSTER #100: Consensus virtual screening for identification of potential antagonists of LasR in Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Laura Patricia López Piñeros, Fabian Lopez-Vallejo, Patricia Hernandez-Rodriguez and Luis Enrique Cuca Suárez

POSTER #127: QSAR Modeling for predicting Blood-Brain Barrier Permeation in natural products from the biodiversity of Peru

Victor Acuña, Christian Solis and Giuliana Cancio

POSTER #136: Molecular docking applied to the search and rational design of new carbonic anhydrase VII inhibitors

Melisa E. Gantner, María L. Villalba, Luciana Gavernet